A Complete Guide About MBA in USA

More than 500 universities offer MBAs in USA. In the USA, the average cost of tuition for a 2-year MBA is around 50 lakhs each year. Any of the best business schools in the United States may have tuition and fees of up to 75 lakhs or more. Admission standards for MBA in USA for Indian students include the academic performance of at least 90% and a GMAT score of at least 700.

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According to the US Department of Education, the US has the largest MBA ecosystem in the world with about 125,000 students entering each year. A GMAC survey of recruiters revealed that the base starting salary for MBA graduates is roughly 80 lakhs per year. The MBA in Finance is one of the highest paying MBA specialties, with a base salary of 95 lakhs. The three businesses McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan pay their MBA grads the highest wages in the country.

Why Study MBA in USA?

Amazing statistics show that the US has the highest graduation rate for management programmes. More than 1,26,000 MBA applicants graduate each year, according to data from the US Department of Education.

Top of the list - According to the QS and FT rankings, there are about 50 business schools in the USA that are ranked internationally. In the Financial Times Global MBA rating, 51 courses from American business schools are listed among the best programmes worldwide.

Excellent employment prospects - The headquarters of roughly 500 international companies are close to the USA. Graduates of MBA programmes typically earn around 116,000 USD per year. As a result, you have a great possibility of getting employed by the top worldwide recruiters. The most profitable investment for future gains!

Financial aid of all kinds – who doesn't appreciate scholarships? For international students, 348 universities provide a variety of scholarships.

Industry experience - You have access to a range of training programmes, internships, practical learning opportunities, and networking chances with global leaders who will help you meet market standards.

Types of MBA in the USA

Colleges in the USA provide a wide range of MBA programmes that are not only thorough but also incredibly customizable and adaptable. The following types of MBA in the USA are offered:

  • Offered at Stanford, Harvard, UPenn, Chicago-Booth, and MIT are full-time MBA programmes.
  • Wharton at UPenn, MIT, Yale, and Northwestern all offer executive MBA programmes.
  • Offered at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia University is a part-time MBA programme.
  • Offered at Indiana University, University of North Carolina, and University of Florida is an online MBA programme.
  • Early Career MBA programmes are offered at UCLA, UPenn Wharton, and Chicago-Booth.
  • Offered at Harvard and New York University is the global MBA.

Top MBA Colleges in USA


Check Course Details

Application Deadline

Annual Tuition Fees (INR)

Stanford University (Graduate School of Business)


Round 2: Jan 5, 2023  

Round 3: Apr 11, 2023

63.50 lakhs

Harvard University (Harvard Business School)


Round 2: Jan 4, 2023 

60.59 lakhs

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)


Round 2: Jan 4, 2023  

Round 3: Mar 29, 2023

70.02 lakhs

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)


Round 2: Jan 18, 2023

Round 3: Apr 11, 2023

66.33 lakhs

Columbia University (Columbia Business School)


April 5, 2023

66.39 lakhs

University of California Berkeley (Haas School of Business)


Round 2: Jan 5, 2023

Round 3: Apr 6, 2023

55.63 lakhs

University of Chicago (Chicago Booth)


Round 2: Jan 5, 2023

Round 3: Apr 11, 2023

64.22 lakhs

University of California, Los Angeles (Anderson School of Management)


Round 2: Jan 4, 2023

Round 3: Apr 12, 2023

59.18 lakhs

Northwestern University (Kellogg School of Management)


Round 2: January 10, 2023

Round 3: April 5, 2023

64.58 lakhs

Yale University (Yale School of Management)


Round 2: Jan 5, 2023

Round 3 :Apr 11, 2023

65.59 lakhs

MBA in USA - Scholarships

Around 66% of potential students concur that the cost of living prohibits them from pursuing an MBA in USA, while 57% concur with the former statement. One of the biggest obstacles for students is the cost of an MBA in USA. Yet, there are other ways to pay for your education, including loans, assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships.

The same survey notes that approximately 33% of students select the United States because financial help is readily available. For instance, the average annual scholarship for the Harvard MBA is $40,000. About 50% of the cohort earns the Harvard MBA scholarship, which is a gift that does not require repayment. Generally speaking, the majority of the top MBA in USA provide merit-based financial aid. Additionally, business schools offer specific grants like diversity awards.

  • Foreign students who qualify for the Harvard Business School Scholarship may receive up to 40,000 USD per year to cover their tuition costs.
  • Receive a full tuition fee free for all semesters starting at USD 2000 with McComb's Scholarships & Fellowships.
  • Scholarships from the Forte Foundation - These scholarships are given to deserving female Columbia business school students.
  • You can get up to $1 million USD to study MBA in USA, according to Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala.
  • Roughly three Indian students might get the 25,000 USD Ramakrishnan Family Scholarship each year at the Chicago Booth School of Business.

Jobs After MBA in the USA

The greatest institutions prepare international students for the future global market by providing top-notch courses. Major firms like Amazon and Google are publicly embracing graduates for well-paying positions. The average annual salary for management graduates is estimated to be around 115,000 USD as of 2021. Students from a number of industries, such as finance, business, analytics, marketing, consulting, etc., are employed by recruiters. Nowadays, 95% of MBA grads are employed. Yet, being aware of the ideal employment function enables students to prepare adequately.

S. No

Job Designation

Average Annual Salary(USD)


Business development director 



Project Manager



Operation Manager



Finance Manager



Financial Analyst



Accounting Manager



Data analyst



Product Manager



HR Manager



HR Director


Top colleges and institutions with top-notch programmes cultivate international students for the future global marketplace. Leading employers like Amazon and Google are actively recruiting recent grads for well-paying positions. Graduates in management will make an average salary of about 115,000 USD per year as of 2021. Students from a range of fields, such as business, analytics, marketing, consulting, and finance, are hired by recruiters. 95% of recent MBA graduates are now employed. The pupils can, however, prepare appropriately if they are aware of the appropriate employment function.

  • The typical yearly income for an MBA in consulting

Consulting is one of the industries with the quickest rate of growth, and MBA holders are highly sought for. Average wages at well-known consulting firms like BCG, McKinsey, and Bain can reach 165,000 USD annually.

  • The typical yearly pay for a finance MBA

The most common degree where graduates from the USA are recognised and accepted internationally is an MBA in Finance. Graduates of the MBA programme in finance can expect to earn an annual income of up to 102,000 USD on average.

  • The typical yearly pay for marketing MBA graduates

The top recruiters in the USA pay highly for well-known positions including marketing director, marketing manager, and senior product manager. The annual salary range for MBA Marketing graduates from reputable colleges is higher.

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