5 Popular Historical Places in Delhi to Visit on Your Next Trip

Throughout history, Delhi has seen numerous dynasties. With a millennium of history, Delhi now speaks volumes about the ancient Indian period. Many rulers have come and gone in India's current capital, and many of these rulers built new establishments, forts, and palaces. Today, these historical places in Delhi are a highlight of the capital's sightseeing tours.

There are some incredible attractions to visit in Delhi. Tired of visiting and doing the same things in Delhi? How about adding some historical interest to your trip to Delhi? Numerous super cool monuments in Delhi have historical significance. Perhaps now is an excellent time to learn more about Mughal-era Indian history! Let’s feature a comprehensive list of historical places in Delhi.

List of Famous Monuments in Delhi

  1. Qutub Minar
  2. India Gate
  3. Jama Masjid
  4. Tughlaqabad Fort
  5. Jantar Mantar

Qutub Minar

The Qutub Minar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of India's tallest minars. It has been designated as India's tallest minar! The eye-catching monument in Delhi is made of red sandstone and marble. It is one of the highlights of some of the historical monuments in Delhi. The majority of them have a red sandstone appearance that denotes strength and robustness. The compound of Qutub Minar also has other ancient structures that are relevant to the medieval era and the Mughal era. You would be spellbound by the surrounding of the Qutub Minar which is thronged with gorgeous gardens!

India Gate

The monument was built in Delhi's Janpat neighborhood as a war memorial for the 70,000 British Indian Army soldiers who died in World War I. Many iconic events, such as candle marches and patriotic incidents, have occurred here over the years, resulting in significant changes to the Indian Judicial System and Indian Law. The Amar Jawan Jyoti, which completes the monument in Delhi, is built atop a black marble plinth, with a reversed rifle and capped with a war helmet bounded by four eternal flames beneath the Memorial archway.

Jama Masjid

It would be impolite to visit Delhi without seeing the famous Jama Masjid. It is one of India's largest mosques and is regarded as one of the most famous monuments in Delhi. The Masjid-I Jahan-Numa was built in 1656 by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan for approximately one million rupees! While it may appear absurd, the truth can be seen when visiting the masjid. It has a massive courtyard, majestic and decorated gates, minarets, and a red sandstone appearance. The courtyard can hold nearly 25,000 worshippers at one time. Don't you think it's pretty cool?

Tughlaqabad Fort

The massive stone-structured fort complex is one of the well-known historical places in Delhi. With 15-meter-high sloping walls built as barricades for battlement parapets and bastions, the monument is expected to have significant historical significance. And it does have stories from the past and various eras. Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq originally built the fort in 1321 AD. It is a very strategic and formidable structure because those fighting from the fort have many advantages. The fort also allows visitors to take photos and improve their social media game.

Jantar Mantar

The capital's observatory is a significant historical landmark in Delhi. Not only is it a feature of interest to children, but adults can also learn a lot from it. Maharaja Jai Singh of Jaipur built the ancient astronomical instrument. Surprisingly, Jaipur has a Jantar Mantar as well. One can guess the time based on the position of the sun during the day. Isn't it exciting? The monument has played pivotal roles in Indian history, particularly in the history of Delhi.

Delhi, as a major city in the country, has a plethora of historical monuments. Visiting historical places in Delhi is frequently referred to as having their souls. Some monuments transport you back in time, and the best places provide insight into history. Buildings that speak to you in every crevice and nook. You could even make your trip educational by learning more about history.

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