10 Questions a Couple should ask a Fertility Specialist While Visiting a Fertility Clinic

As a couple, you usually decide to see a fertility specialist at a fertility clinic, center, or hospital when you notice conception issues. Not being able to conceive a child is a different type of feeling. So, most of you may feel guilt or shame. And due to this, you might not ask queries or try to know what is crucial for you. Here are some questions that you must ask a respective doctor on your visit to a fertility clinic:

1. What is obstructing us (couples of the opposite sexes) from conceiving? 

Saying anything without tests is a tough job for a doctor. On your visit, the doctor will initially interact with you to know your medical history and current issue. After that, the doctor will ask you to have blood tests and imaging tests in the initial step. Further, the doctor will ask both of you to have fertility tests that could include semen analysis, ovarian reserve testing, ultrasound, and laparoscopy to detect and confirm the root cause. 

2. Can changes in lifestyle help us conceive?

Yes, sometimes opting for a healthy lifestyle can help you conceive a child. Your healthy lifestyle must comprise weight management, regular exercising, healthy & balanced diet, stress management, and enough rest. Further, it could include no smoking, no drinking, and limited caffeine intake. Your healthy lifestyle can help you get maximum positive outputs from your fertility treatments. 

3. Which fertility treatment should we opt for?

Your doctor will help you decide which fertility treatment is a better option for you. Before suggesting fertility treatment options, the doctor will keep your fertility checkup reports, current health, age, your lifestyle habits, etc. in mind. 

4. What is the success rate of a particular fertility treatment?

The success of a fertility treatment depends on several factors like age, root cause, timing of issue, and lifestyle. Its rate can be different for different couples. However, you should try to know the treatment success rate of a fertility clinic before visiting it.  

5. Are there any side effects of fertility treatments? Or do fertility treatments cause any side effects?

The side effects of a fertility treatment are different from the ones of another treatment. Before moving ahead to have a particular fertility treatment, you should know its side effects at your end or discuss it with your doctor. Usually, fertility treatments can make you have mild to severe physical discomfort. Your doctor will highlight the side effects of a treatment before working on it for you. 

6. What is the probability of having twins?

Sometimes, fertility treatments like IVF make couples have more than 1 baby. Talking to your doctor and following his/her instructions during treatment can lower your chance of having twins. 

7. Can we go for a donor program if we are unable to conceive?

Your doctor can answer it after going through your test results. If you (couples of the opposite sex) have poor egg or sperm, your doctor can recommend you to opt for a donor egg/sperm program available with the clinic. Otherwise, you can find a sperm/egg donor at your end. 

8. Does the fertility clinic offer fertility or egg/embryo preservation?

In today’s world, most fertility centres offer fertility preservation or egg/embryo freezing. It is you who have to ask the representative of the fertility clinic you are visiting. 

9. How can we get ready for a particular fertility treatment?

There are a lot of dos and don’ts. Your doctor will explain what you should do and what you should not do before, during, and after a fertility treatment. At your end too, you should discuss it with your doctor. 

10. What will be the cost of a fertility treatment?

The cost of your fertility treatment depends on several things like treatment type, issue timing, required cycles, hospital/clinic stay, etc. By assessing your reproductive health condition and detecting the root cause, the doctor can give you an estimated cost. In general, you can get an estimated cost of each fertility treatment of a fertility centre from its help desk. The cost will vary as per your reproductive issue and treatment requirements. 

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