Candy Godiva Biography

Candy Godiva Biography

If you are curious about Candy Godiva's Net Worth, her zodiac sign, her childhood, and career as a YouTuber, then you have come to the right place. Candy Godiva is a popular YouTuber who has over 2.4 million subscribers. In addition to her success as a YouTuber, she also has an impressive Instagram following.


Candy Godiva's net worth


Candy Godiva has been dreaming of fame and fortune since she was a child. She started her career on YouTube, where she has over 28 million YouTube views, 252K YouTube subscribers, and 6,000 Instagram followers. Candy has a large following on social media, and has denied rumors that she is in a relationship with a former wrestler named Nikocado Avocado. When she turned legal, she married the wrestler, but they split after a few months of marriage. The couple has two children.


She is a white American who weighs 204kg and has dark brown hair. Her figure measurements are 5 feet, 6 inches, and 34 inches, and she has a fit body. Candy Godiva was born under the Virgo star sign and has brown eyes. Her ethnicity is American, but she has not revealed her nationality.


Her zodiac sign


Candy Godiva's zodiac sign is Virgo. This sign is known for its analytical mind and logical thinking, but it can also be a bit stubborn or timid. She was born on a Monday, and her lucky numbers are two and three. Moreover, her favorite colors are gold and silver.


Despite having a high-profile YouTube career and a growing following, Candy Godiva has not been free of rumors or speculations about her personal life. She was once linked to the actor Nikocado Avocado, although this claim was later denied. After reaching her legal age, Candy Godiva moved to Las Vegas and got married. However, their marriage was short lived and they split up, although they did have two children together.


Candy Godiva has a healthy physique. She stands 5'1'' (155 cm) tall and weighs 204 kg. She has blond hair and brown eyes. As of 2018, she had a net worth of $500 thousand.


Her childhood


As a child, Candy Godiva often received treats from her parents. Her parents would reward her with these treats when she acted obediently. Now, she has made a career out of her hobby and recently made her YouTube debut with a video that has gained 191,173 views. Candy Godiva is 5 feet and one inch tall and weighs 396 pounds (180 kg), down from 449 pounds (240 kg) when she was younger.


Candy Godiva's childhood was not without hardship. Her family moved often, and her mother was toxic and jealous. This created an unhealthy relationship with food for Candy. While Candy Godiva had no diseases or accidents as a child, her relationship with food was tumultuous.


Her career as a YouTuber


Candy Godiva, who has over 175,000 subscribers on YouTube, is an American social media personality and adult web model. Her videos focus on mukbang and vlogging. She was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and raised by her grandmother and grandfather. She has also mentioned that she has a half-sister. Godiva moved to Las Vegas when she reached legal age.


Candy Godiva's career as a vlogger began in 2010 when she began her channel on YouTube. This channel was initially called Hungry Fat chick and her first video, "Hungry Fat Chick," was uploaded the next day. It quickly garnered over 240,000 views, but she didn't start uploading videos regularly until 2017.


Her relationship with Nikocado Avocado


Rumors about Candy Godiva's relationship with Nikocaldo Avocado are not new. Several times, the social media star has featured the health-conscious brand in her posts. However, the actress has never confirmed or denied the relationship. In fact, she is more focused on her career. Born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Candy is of American nationality and white ethnicity. Her grandparents raised her in South Louisiana and later she settled in Las Vegas.


Candy Godiva is a popular internet personality, social media influencer, and Mukbang video creator. She is best known for her videos on food and Mukbang. The former Miss Universe Philippines contestant has more than twenty-four thousand subscribers and a total of 50 million views on her channel. Her videos have attracted a devoted fan base. Some of her most popular videos include her eating show and massive Italian feast mukbang. Despite being single, Candy has not made any disclosures about her love life.

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