5 Sure-Fire Ways to Up Your Sales Game with TikTok Marketing


5 Sure-Fire Ways to Up Your Sales Game with TikTok Marketing

TikTok is one of the most popular social media. And as per reports, it is the most downloadable application of 2021. The platform is no longer restricted to lip-synced videos by the young audience but has developed into a vast marketing base for budding businesses. Reels or short-form video content is an extension of long videos on social media.

TikTok brought about the concept of short-form videos and is a profitable platform for business. The user count of TikTok stands at 1.4 billion worldwide. Any company looking forward to capturing a vast customer base could benefit from it.

The best part about it is- TikTok is the most economical marketing platform. If your business goes absent from it, these are losing on a considerable ROI. Losing nearly double revenue is not a

By ensuring a holistic strategy to market, you could unlock a key to revising the revenues. The article below states how you could increase your business sales with TikTok.

How Could TikTok Help Augment Sales? 

With creators outnumbering their follower goals and brands jumping to insane organic reach, TikTok marketing is the future. The business and brands are buying ad space on the platform. The audience search for new products and brands on TikTok. It is a great opportunity for a business to make an infallible first impression. Check the tested ways to make a streak on TikTok and maximize engagement and sales.

1. Discover the trend using Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent way to search for trending content in an industry. A trending hashtag video confirms more visits than any other video on the platform.

With Google’s efforts to index short-form video content as per relevancy and popularity, Hashtags have become the KEYWORD of the day. Be specific with the keywords you choose to incorporate in your content.

Think of a mix of general and unique hashtags. Do not fall for the gimmick hashtags #writersoftiktok, #blogwritingtips, #fyp, etc. Like you do keyword research before writing any content piece and conduct hashtag research before developing the content and marketing strategy.

Go to your Discover page and research the content ranking high. You can use some keywords or hashtags that it reveals for your videos. Use it wisely.

2. Hook the viewers with Title 

 The most successful strategy to create a result-oriented marketing strategy for TikTok is using Title hooks. Amid a pool of marketers and competitors, grabbing the viewer’s attention is a tough cookie to crack. The Title may work wonderfully in this situation.

Instil fear of missing out, including thrill or a desire in a title, to provoke the desirable action from the viewers. Apart from grabbing attention, the content must be genuine and not copy-pasted. If a user finds the Title generic –

“5 ways to master digital marketing” he may skip it.

Instead, create a captivating title -

 “ How I hit 35000 followers in 2 months”.

The user, if an influencer, will indeed engage with the video. It is all about reading the audience’s mind and online behavior. It helps in drafting a content strategy that sells. Use “POWER” words in the content- EASY, BEST, ONLY WAY, SECRET, to hold the reader’s attention.

3 . Test creatives in a dedicated campaign 

Having a separate or dedicated ad group for testing ads is a win-win marketing strategy. It helps you gauge the activities that perform well in your niche. 

Moreover, it helps you have a tab over new things you can try to capture the attention of the prospects and audience. This way, you can quickly spread your budget between evergreen and occasional creatives.  

Additionally, always keep your eyes on the running creatives. Are they performing well? If not, why are the people not engaging? Identity similar creatives and spot the difference. Do you lack something that your competitors excel on? Re-track and re-create the campaign; test and launch.

4. Leverage the Ad manager to your benefit

TikTok Ad manager is a surefire way to capture a good audience without much effort. Brands utilize  different types of paid ads on TikTok:

  • In-feeds Ads

These are standard TikTok ads that appear as videos in a user’s feed. These last about 60 seconds. Brands can link their landing pages to these to boost organic traffic.

  • Brand Takeovers

Whenever a user opens up an application, these ads automatically show up. Shockingly, they are 3.5 seconds ad. Yes, you read it right. Capturing the attention is a trick here. These costs more than in-feed ads. Though short, these share the most potential of turning a viewer into a sale.

However, to nail these, one requires an unrestrictive capital stream. Businesses tossing so much on the front find it almost impossible to save every month for these.

Stopping it may affect the business followers, decrease engagement, and the sales count. It could prove disheartening. What if you could continue the streak with immediate cash help?

Taking bad credit business loans on guaranteed approval in the UK is the superfast solution to your problem. You could qualify for a loan even at a bad credit score to bridge a small payment gap. Yes, you may find it too good to be accurate, but it does exist for real. Evaluate the need and never again miss the streak owing to the cash crunch.

  • Top-view ads 

These are updated versions of the brand takeover advertisement online. The duration of these ads is 60 minutes. 

  • Sponsored Hashtags Challenges

The Hashtag challenge is an incredible opportunity for any business to make a mark among the audience. In this, any brand can sponsor a hashtag challenge that one has to complete with a custom banner.

Identify the purpose of the marketing and launch any of these ads carefree. For further information, you can check out TikTok guidelines.

5. Be mindful of the Content safe zone

Many marketers have faults in missing this aspect. The Content must be within the allowed zones. The Content outside the zone measurement remains invisible. It differs from what you see on Snapchat or other applications. Thus, adhere to the restrictions and make an edge over the competitors.

TikTok is the platform of Tomorrow, and many new-age businesses may benefit from it. Which of these strategies do you think runs compatible with your business? Comment.

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